Do You Have a Passion? Me Neither

Several years ago I sat at a large conference table with the CEO of our organization and new hires like me as part of our orientation. The CEO asked us each to share with the group our name, title, and passion. Passion? It was one of those tired icebreakers that made me want to curl fetal. What if you don’t have a passion?

There were the usual passionate travelers and marathon runners. The most interesting answer came from a young woman whose passion was building wood furniture with her boyfriend. They had just completed a headboard. When it came my turn, I said that I did not have a passion but did have many interests, which I listed.  (CEO thought bubble: “trouble.”)

If you have a passion—a deeply focused interest in something—that’s wonderful. If you do not, that’s okay too; you don’t need a passion to be happy or fulfilled or accomplished or any of those things you’re supposed to be. There’s so much out there in the world to enjoy. Here’s a list of my interests or things that bring me satisfaction and happiness: sharing a good meal with my husband and kids, practicing yoga, learning to play the guitar, and wandering an old city neighborhood.

What are your interests?


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