Easy Meal #3

Asparagus soup with chive garnish. Yay! Fresh asparagus has started to appear in the Midwest.


For a long time Femme Banale considered homemade soup “hard” to make and thus assigned it to the entertainment-only category. That thinking changed with the purchase of an immersion blender.* With this gadget you can quickly make soup using only one pot. Even without an immersion blender, making soup is not difficult—maybe a little messier with a food processor or blender—but not complicated.

Here’s a simple soup formula calling for fresh or leftover vegetables and your creativity:
1 lbs or 2 cups vegetables + 1 onion or leek + 4 cups broth

Chop vegetables and onions or leeks. Sautée onions/leeks in stock pot. Add vegetables and broth. (Sometimes FB adds a chopped potato to the vegetable mixture for a thicker soup.) Simmer 20 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Blend mixture until smooth. Season to taste. Add cream or milk for a creamier flavor. Serves 4. Easily doubled or tripled and freezed. Bread, sandwiches/paninis, and salad make perfect soup companions.

*What is an immersion blender? Basically, it’s a hand mixer shaped like a wand. Femme Banale bought hers for about $60.

Immersion blender



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