Easy Meal #5

Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Never mind expensive jars of salty, prepared pasta sauce. With a 28-ounce can of whole tomatoes, you can create your own beautiful sauce. Shop your fridge and pantry for items to add to the sauce—leftovers, lone vegetables, an open jar of olives. It’s cooking improv. My fridge quest turned up a half-jar of capers, half a red onion, and an opened box of spinach.

-28-ounce can peeled whole tomatoes
-Add-ins (chef’s choice)
-8 ounces pasta

-Saute raw vegetables in saucepan.
-Add can of tomatoes to saucepan of vegetables and simmer until tomatoes break down (about 30 minutes).
-Cook pasta.
-Toss cooked pasta with sauce.
-Top with red peppers flakes, parmesan, ground pepper, or your own inspiration.

Four servings

Tip: To cut down on calories, use spiral-cut vegetables like zucchini in place of pasta or use a mix of both pasta and veggies.

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