Housekeeping Dept.

Femme Banale is done with fancy, thick washcloths. They take forever to dry unless you have the body-builder guns to fully wring them out. They are expensive and prone to mildew. The Banale solution: a pack of inexpensive “lite” cotton washcloths often available at larger drugstores or big-box stores. Those shown above came from Target—$4 for eight cloths.

Picture a nice stack of these fluffy squares in your vanity ready for service.  In Femme Banale’s household, she gets them all to herself because the men folk here do not use washcloths—a mystery she prefers not to explore.  If you are having houseguests, they can be rolled easily and stacked spa-style. Retire them to the cleaning-cloth bag once they get raggedy.

Tip: Throw a couple in your bag when travelling. You never know.

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Spa look for guests

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