Apps with a Past

Pickled mushrooms, crackers, and cheese spread in Russel Wright coffee cups from the 1940s

Most everyone these days prefers to drink coffee or tea out of mugs, and thus the squat cup and saucer of yesteryear have disappeared from kitchen cabinet shelves.

But maybe you’re a collector or have some of these nostalgic pieces from your mother or grandmother who likely sipped and talked casually with friends and neighbors.  My grandma always had a cup of coffee (never water, milk,  or soda) with her sandwich and so did Perry Mason, secretary Della Street, and PI Paul Drake after they won a case.

What can we do with these pieces now? Lots. They make novel vessels for appetizers, especially if they are colorful.  They are perfect for soup with the saucer as a resting place for a spoon. Think yogurt or ice cream with berries. Whatever the adaptation I always enjoy bringing a piece of the past back to the table.

What’s in your cupboard?