Just Say No…To Your To-do List

Coffee in hand, Femme Banale looked over her to-do list for the day and didn’t want to do any of it.

To hell with the tyranny of 10,000 steps! The 10,000 steps dropped to the cutting-room floor along with barre class, cleaning the front hall, and practicing guitar. Blog writing remained on the list but not the proposed topic.

What’s going on? At Chez Banale, to-do lists are de rigeur. Family members boast about checking off all the items on their lists. Lists are emblems of organization and productivity, if not best practice in mental hygiene. Friend Shauna of the Star likely would say Femme Banale overturning her to-do list has something to do with Mercury in retrograde. Perhaps. Intuition simply said today’s list wasn’t right for today. It lacked communication and creativity. Here’s what the scrapped to-do list made room for:

  • Writing a long letter to an old neighbor
  • Reading personal travel essays at Wanderlust Journal for the pure pleasure of listening to someone else’s story (i.e., not THE NEWS)

Femme Banale acknowledges that many people have indispensable list items like work deadlines or picking up the kids from daycare, but present in all to-do lists are those insidious tasks of self-inflicted confinement.

Take the Banale challenge: Swap one uninspired dud on your next to-do list for something creative or satisfying or that makes you laugh or smile.