Tomato Bouquet

Heirloom beauties

Rejoice!  Fresh local tomatoes have arrived at farmers’ markets for a glorious, albeit narrow, time frame. This is a BIG deal for tomato lovers in colder USDA zones. Not only are fresh tomatoes superior in taste and texture to their bleak mid-winter counterparts, they make vibrant center pieces in lieu of flowers. As you eat your tomatoes, downsize the display plate.


Tip: The University of Illinois Extension advises storing tomatoes at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Do not store them in the refrigerator, which can make them mushy and tasteless.

3 Replies to “Tomato Bouquet”

  1. Lovely! I miss those midwestern tomatoes with a passion. My mother grew them out behind our garage in Michigan. Sadly, Arizona tomatoes pale in comparison.

  2. Beautiful! We are also getting all our home growns at CB farmers market!🍅

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